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Beaches in Tenerife

04:46 20-Jun-2019

Weather situation beaches Tenerife :

The volcanic nature and evolution of Tenerife has created just a few 'natural' beaches, all of a fine black shingle or sand. The dramatic increase of tourism and demand for public beaches has been met by huge investments. High quality, man made beaches are now plentiful. These are mainly around the major tourist resorts. Most have good access, meet stringent European standards of cleanliness and most offer shower facilities, sun beds, shades and water-sports. Listed below, are some of these beaches, each with a brief description.

Los Gigantes
Coved, black sand beach, West Tenerife, small town with harbour

San Juan
Coved, black sand, sloping, West Tenerife, small town with good snorkelling.

New, developing area, yellow sand beach, showers, sun beds and shades, water-sports, south Tenerife.
Yellow grey sand beach, showers, shallow waters, sun beds and shades, near marina, restaurants, bars, south Tenerife.

Playa de las Americas, La Troya
Grey sand beach, sun beds and shades, showers, water-sports, centre of town, several different surf breaker coves, shallow waters, rollers on occasions, restaurants, shops, South Tenerife.
Los Cristianos, Las Vistas
White yellow sand beach, sun beds and shades, shallow water, restaurants, bars, some water-sports.

Los Cristianos
Harbour, white grey sandy beach, shallow water, sea wall protected, sun beds and shades, restaurants, bars, boats, water-sports, South Tenerife.

Small black shingle beach, sloping to deeper water, often roller waves, centre of village, restaurants, east Tenerife.

Santa Cruz, Terasitas beach
Large golden imported sand beach, shallow waters, well protected, kiosks, natural shade from some trees, and few restaurants nearby, north Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz, black fine shingle beach, sloping to deeper water, roller waves, restaurants, bars, next to salt-water lido, North Tenerife

Surfing beaches & Coves

Large open water rocky cove, Rollers to reef, between Alcala and Playa San Juan, keep an eye out for where to turn off main road, look for large house standing on its own on a beach, west Tenerife.

Playa de las Americas, La Troya
Large rollers sometimes come in between breaker walls, creating good ride on to sandy beach, centre of town, better for younger riders, south Tenerife.

Rocky reef outlet at back of Conquistador Hotel in Playa de las Americas, out water breakers running into rock formations, popular with locals, south Tenerife.

Shingle beach and reef, situated behind Parque Santiago IIII in Playa de las Americas, out water rollers riding into flat reef and shingle beach, popular with locals, when windy too many wind surfers, disembark wave before hitting shallows, south Tenerife.

Las Galletas
Small town with rocky outlets, good waves for younger surfers or people learning to surf.

Puerto De la Cruz
Black shingle beach sloping to deeper water, out rollers riding into beginning of breakwaters, sometimes wild, sometimes strong undercurrents on beach area. North Tenerife.

Windsurfing Beaches

El Medano
Famous, flat, open, with good winds and very flat beach. Although windy, it is not too choppy, making it an excellent all year windsurfing competition site. El Medano has already hosted the world championships. Facilities include, Wind surfing club, hire and instruction. East Tenerife.

Small peninsula behind Parque Santiago IIII in Playa Las Americas. Often very good rollers - but watch out for local body board surfers and long board surfers. South Tenerife

Snorkelling/Scuba Coves

Puerto de Santiago
The cove does not appear to have any particular name, (often called Cauldron). Located opposite the commercial centre, access is via steps at the back of Hotel Santiago. This rocky cove is protected by out water rocks and has 3 different and usually calm pools starting from very shallow to deeper water. All pools contain various marine lives. Closest toilets are at the restaurants in the commercial centre. No beach but large smooth rocks are great for sun bathing. A real sun trap, so take sun protections.

San Juan
Located in the west of the island, the edges of this black sand beach are surrounded by rocks.

La Caletta

Buena Vista
Small Spanish village, great snorkelling cove with flat rocks into deeper water. Clear viewing, small flat reef, and located in the South of island.
Large rock pool formation, with several pools with clear waters, north western tip of island.